Graana: Benefits of Home Inspection

Graana blog: Benefits of Home Inspection

As Pakistan’s 1st Online Real Estate Market Place, Graana is here to offer a variety of innovative ideas regarding home inspection.

Benefits of Home Inspection Graana 

Buying your dream house requires a lot of market research and scrutiny.

A home inspection is the best route to determine the actual value of any property and its fair price. Given it’s a lifetime investment, getting your home inspected will help you make an informed decision and grant you an edge in negotiating its price.

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Enhances the Value of Your Investment

Home inspectors are experts at discerning minor and major faults in the infrastructure of a house that you might easily miss otherwise. Apart from these, this service can be utilized to renovate and / or automate homes. When your home is inspected, you earn considerable credibility to attract lenders as it promises a secure investment. Before you set foot in your house, inspectors at Graana give you an extra boost with a complete evaluation report and environmental assessment of your property.

With this service, you successfully decrease the probability of life-threatening incidents like foundation collapse or cracks breakout due to an earthquake. It prolongs the shelf life of home equipment and infrastructure. It also ascertains that there are no illegal installations or land extensions without a permit. Moreover, inspectors at Graana advise you on any future repairs or installations and supplement a proper maintenance plan monthly or yearly.

Things To Ensure: 

1)      Be Present: Ensure your presence while the inspection is in the process by following each step.

2)      Foundations:  Examining the foundation is perhaps the most critical step to eliminate any likelihood of cracks, settlements, sinking, upheavals, or uneven floors.

3)      Grading: Grading slope examination prevents water damage and ensures an efficient drainage system.

4)      Roof: Roof inspection for any cracks or seepage prevents possible damage from rainwater.

5)      Drainage System: Gutters, drainage systems, and plumbing should be thoroughly examined for the presence of any molds, termite, water contamination, or asbestos.

6)      Plumbing:  Vetting plumbing revolves around ascertaining the functionality of toilets, faucets, drains, and showers.

7)      Electric Systems: Electrical inspection pertains to electric panels, foolproof wiring, ground wires, circuit breakers, etc.

8)      HVAC:  Assessing the heating systems, proper ventilation with suitable placements of windows in rooms, basements, laundry, garages, and adequate air conditioning systems.

9)      Water and Septic Tanks: It is also important to inspect tanks for water storage and septic tanks for proper waste removal, cementation, and chemical testing.

10)   Appliances: If the house comes with appliances like tube lights, fans, gas/electric ovens, or the like, home inspectors can test their durability and functionality.

11)   Alarm Systems: Checking any obstruction in alarms for fire breakouts, harmful gas releases, or any such accidents.

12)   Home Inspectors’ Expertise: It is crucial to interview several of these inspectors to determine their level of expertise. Some inspectors might offer general inspection services, while others might also provide specialized services at additional charges like panel inspection, water testing, termite removal, specialized engineering issues, etc.

An Extra Edge

As a buyer:

Ø  Bargaining Power:  Inspection service ideally grants you more substantial bargaining power in negotiating a fair price for your purchase.  The inspector’s assessment pinpoints potential structural issues and maps out present and future costs of repairs and renovations. Calculating the damage repair cost and longevity of insulation, ducts, and equipment are game-changers to get your seller to lower the price bar.

Ø  Contingency: Moreover, the additional knowledge grants you confidence in your investment, peace of mind, and the ability to forecast future costs. You can use the home inspection as a ‘contingency’ in your contractual agreements. This contingency provides you with the extra cushion to back out of an offer within a specific period. If the home inspection reveals significant structural defects, that too with no extra fine or sanctions.

As a seller:

Ø  Fair Value: As a seller, this service can help you rectify any defects and thus increase the value of your property.

Ø  Competitive Advantage: This service grants you a competitive advantage in a highly concentrated market. You will attract more leads when you run the extra mile and invest in the service to earn customer trust and loyalty.

Benefits of Pursuing Home Inspection Career:

ü  Meaningful Service: As a home inspector, you help people invest their hard-earned savings in a purchase that is going to be their sanctuary of memories.

ü  In-Demand:  These services are widely sought after as buyers regularly invest in the valuation of their property.

ü  Pays Well: Given its high demand in the market, home inspection attracts high remunerations. The more specialized services you offer in your examination packages, the higher prices you can charge.

ü  Versatility: Examining property is not a desk-and-chair job whereby you’re fixed to a place and schedule. It’s flexible, requires a lot of traveling, change of scenery, and more familiarity with the market.

ü  Flexibility:  The service follows a flexible schedule as home inspectors can set their own time. However, some last-minute home inspections might require the home inspectors to change their schedules abruptly, but it provides a chance to upscale their charges.

Here’s What Your Home Inspector Might Not Check:

During an inspection, certain things le

  1.     The inside of the walls, it would require tearing through insulation or drywall.
  2.     The inner side of the chimneys, sewage lines, or pipes.
  3.     Behind electrical panels.

Note: Some home inspectors might offer these services under specialized packages or charges.

In totality, a home inspection can save you from making a faulty investment and ensure long-term benefits and savings. It would grant you a complete picture of the expenditure and value of your property in the future. You would bargain with an upper hand and feel confident once you have finalized your purchase. So, if you want that perfect house full of warm memories and an aura of belonging and safety, undertaking a home inspection is the ideal step you can take.

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