Govt’s policies spreading uncertainty: Siraj


Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan Chief Senator Sirajul Haq has said that an environment of uncertainty has gripped the country due to flawed policies of the government, turning people desperate and concerned about the future scenario.
“Residents of Balochistan are perhaps passing through the most difficult time as compared to the people of other areas,” said the JI Emir while talking to local tribal leaders and youth of Panjpai (Balochistan) on Thursday.
Senator Siraj who was on a five-day visit to the province held the past and present regimes responsible for the deprivation of Balochistan, saying the JI was the only party which could ensure development of the deprived areas of the country if voted into power.
He said the province was not provided its due share in CPEC and also the development budget was not spent on the neglected areas. He said Balochistan shared a major part of the country’s natural gas demand but it was an irony that the 90 percent of the people of the province were deprived of from the basic fuel facilities.
He called for addressing the issues of the province on urgent basis, reminding the rulers that development of Balochistan was a key to put the country on the path of progress.
He said the people were looking towards the political parties that they would also display unity to address the problems of common public similar to the way they showed accord in support of the Army Amendment Act.
Meanwhile, JI Deputy Chief Liaqat Baloch has said that how Pakistan can play any role to resolve the Middle East crisis in a situation when Islamabad itself formulates external and internal policies under the guidance of foreign powers.
Talking to a JUI-S delegation at Mansoora on Thursday, he said Pakistan must gain economic independence if prime minister was eager to play a role for establishment of peace in Western Asia. He said Islamabad must shun its dubious role and form an independent foreign policy. He said the government decision to stay in American camp and skipping Malaysian summit raised question mark on country’s impartiality.
Baloch said the political parties who stood united in support of the Army Amendment Act should now display accord on Kashmir cause and they should acknowledged their fault that they abandoned the people of the Indian held region in this testing time.
He said the western capitalism, socialism and nationalism took roots in the world after the collapse of Muslim Caliphate in Turkey. He said unity among Muslim world was the need of the hour to regain the past glory and challenge the threats being posed by the western systems.