Govt wants to give South Punjab the best: CM


Says bill about job quota for the region will be submitted to cabinet

Amraiz Khan

Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar has said the notifications of March 29 and 30 about the south Punjab secretariat have been cancelled, saying that possibility of human error and clerical mistake cannot be ignored.

In the light of investigation of the ministerial committee, the concerned secretary has been made OSD.

The establishment of the south Punjab secretariat is part of the PTI agenda and the party has contested elections under this agenda to ameliorate the lot of the common man living in remote areas.

A 17 percent budget was allocated for south Punjab in the past but the PTI government has ring-fenced the whopping 33 percent budget for south Punjab.

While addressing a press conference on Friday about the south Punjab secretariat, the CM announced the March 30 notification about the rules of business has also been cancelled and a ministerial committee led by the finance minister has been directed to devise new rules of business as the government is committed to giving best and efficient administration to south Punjab.

He said the ministerial committee will submit its recommendations about expanding the number of already existing 16 departments to all the provincial departments in south Punjab.

Similarly, the CM disclosed that the bill about reserving jobs-quota for south Punjab will be presented before the cabinet and further disclosed that he has decided to spend a full day in Multan and another in Bahawalpur every month.

Replying to a question, the CM said the line departments are actively working on the arrangements relating to Ramazanul Mubarak and the different items will be provided to the people according to the rates of 2018 in 313 sahulat bazaars.

The CM advised the people to follow corona SOPs as pressure is increasing on the health system.

Meanwhile, the CM said the federal government was approached to meet the shortage of oxygen.

Federal Minister Khusro Bakhtiar thanked the chief minister for taking immediate action over the reservations arising in the wake of notification in the people of south Punjab.

The people of south Punjab are awoken for their rights while PTI is a public representative party from Karachi to Khyber.

Meanwhile, Japan will provide Rs6.20 billion for the improvement of the water treatment plant and water distribution system in Faisalabad.

The ambassador of Japan Matsuda Kuninori has informed CM Usman Buzdar about it through a letter.

CM Usman Buzdar has thanked the Japanese government and the ambassador through a letter adding that the Punjab government appreciates Japanese collaboration for improving the quality of life of the people.

Improvement in the supply and drainage of the water system in Faisalabad is imperative, he added.