Govt tries its best to repair cracks in Neelum Jhelum Hydro Power plant

Ijaz Kakakhel

The National Assembly was informed on Monday that the government is making all-out efforts to repair the cracks in Neelum Jhelum Hydro Power Plant at the earliest.

Responding to a question during the Question Hour in the House, Special Assistant on Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan Affairs Qamar Zaman Kaira said after the completion of repairing work load shedding issue will be reduced. He further said that cracks are big in size and it will take at least six months to repair. He said that the contract of the project has already been awarded to a Chinese firm.

The House also passed “The Qanun-e-Shahadat (Amendment) Bill, 2022” and “the Publication of the Holy Quran (Elimination of Printing and Recording Errors (Amendment) bill, 2022.

Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Javed Murtaza Abbassi on behalf of Minister for Law and Justice Sardar Ayaz Sadiq presented the bill to the national assembly and sought permission to further amend the Qanun-e-Shahadat,1984 [The Qanun-e-Shahadat (Amendment) Bill, 2022], be passed.

Another bill was presented by Federal Minister for Religious Affairs Mufti Abdul Shakoor to further amend the publication of the Holy Quran (Elimination of Printing and Recording Errors) Act,1973 to the extent of Islamabad Capital Territory [The Publication of the Holy Quran (Elimination of Printing and Recording Errors) (Amendment) Bill, 2022]. Both the bills were passed by the speaker after taking sense of the house who voted in favor of the amendments.

Earlier, Defence Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif told the national assembly that PTI Chairman Imran Khan’s politics revolve around fake narratives and lies which compromised national interests. He said that the U-turn taken by PTI chief Imran Khan on the United States-backed conspiracy — in relation to his ouster in April this year following a no-confidence motion in the parliament, Asif asked if it was the first time that Khan has denied something.

He denies everything. In the past four years, he has talked so much. Has he stood by any of his statements?”

After spending months giving statements about a cypher from the US which allegedly meant to topple his government, PTI chief Khan — in an interview with the Financial Times a day earlier — signalled the desire to mend ties with the US through cooperation with Washington in the future. The minister added that the former prime minister himself does not remember the state he is in and what he says.

“Yesterday, Imran Khan said that the FIR of his murder has not been registered. This man does not know what he says. If some people are ready to believe his words, it is their matter,” Khawaja Asif said commenting on the contradictory statements by the PTI chairman.

He further said that Imran Khan established such a bad tradition in politics which we ca n’t even recall. He said to satisfy his enmity Imran Khan not only made fake cases against opposition leaders but also forgot the family norms and respect.The House will now meet again on Thursday at 5.p.m


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