IAC plans to invest $15m in food, beverage sector


Iftekhar Ahmed and Company has announced that it will invest another $15 million in food and beverages sector during the next four years. So far, the company has invested $10 million in the sector.

Iftekhar Ahmed and Company, a leading exporter of fresh fruits and value-added products, has announced the launch of Pakistan’s first ABC Juice that has been introduced under its fastest growing brand ‘Fruit Nation’ to promote health and nutrition by providing premium quality juices, nectar, fruit drinks and food products.

Prepared from the pure pulp of apple, beetroot and carrot, ABC juice makes the human immune system strong and makes the body agile and energetic by providing rich nutrition along with the elimination of toxins from the body.

The launch event of Fruit Nation’s ABC Juice was held at a local hotel on Wednesday. Renowned singer and social worker Shehzad Roy attended as the special guest while a large number of prominent business and social personalities also attended the event.

Speaking at the event, Shehzad Roy said IAC has always put quality first and has kept its promises to customers and its business partners. He said that in today’s competitive era, no business can thrive without innovation and meeting the demands of the market and IAC has maintained its identity as an innovative and socially conscious business organization for the past 60 years.

He said that any product is successful only when it fulfils the promise made to the customers and I have strong believed that IAC will fulfil its commitment by providing pure and healthy products to its customers.

Addressing the ceremony, Waheed Ahmed director IAC highlighted the unique properties of juices, nectars and fruit drinks produced in Pakistan under Fruit Nation and Lush brand and the specially introduced ABC Juice for health improvement.


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