Govt to take stern action against hoarders, profiteers in Ramazan

Our Correspondent


The Balochistan government has finalized all the arrangements to set up multiple ‘Sastaa bazaars’ in different districts to ensure availability of essential commodities at subsidized rates during the holy month of Ramazan.

The initiative was taken to pass on maximum relief to the public in line with the vision of Jam Kamal Khan, who directed all the relevant departments for ensuring provision of edibles at affordable rates, an official of Balochistan government told.

He said a special mechanism had also been devised for the teams of local administrations so as to ensure price check at markets and bazaars.

“The district administration would protect consumers from adulterated eatables and food products as the retailers were selling substandard items at heavy rates,” he added.

“The government will take action against the shopkeepers and traders who will dare to fleece the consumers.

Zero tolerance will be adopted against selling of substandard and adulterated eatables,” he added.

He said the government would ensure that the essential commodities like vegetables, fruits, utilities and all dairy products were being sold on the official rates.

He said the authorities would pay surprise visits to the markets for ensuring the provision of commodities to the people, urging the districts administrations, trade unions and Utility Corporation to help them to discourage profiteering.

“Essential items and vegetables are available in abundant quantity and there will be no shortage of these items in the market.” he said.

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