Govt to settle at rightful place after long march: Hasaan


Special Assistant to Chief Minister Punjab on Information Hasaan Khawar, in his recent take on current political situation, has said that Pakistan has seen the rise of two fronts in the recent past.

On one side is Prime Minister Imran Khan – the global face of Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah who dares to say “no more” to world powers, and on the other side are the masters of horse trading, floor crossing and Calibri font. When the fog of March clears, the government will settle at its rightful place, and the opposition will be nowhere in sight, he maintained. He said that keeping its numbers complete would not be less than a challenge for the opposition.

Hasaan Khawar said that it is surprising to note that those who had no full time foreign minister of their own are criticizing foreign policy of the country today. “We are being lectured on economics by those whose personal bank balances increased manifold while the country’s exports decreased,” he said. SACM further said that those who teach the supremacy of the constitution today have been involved in attacks on courts in the past.

Commenting on the vote of no-confidence motion, he said that both PML-N and PPP have no confidence over each other; Hamza Shehbaz has no confidence in Maryam Nawaz and vice versa.

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