Govt to provide facilities for PWDs at Metro Bus Service

Staff Reporter

The government has provided various facilities at each station of Metro Bus Service to facilitate PWDs, said an official Ministry of Human Rights.

Talking to media, he said that the elevators and lifts have been provided at each entrance/exit point for PWDs giving them direct access to each bus station.

The PWDs have been provided easy and smooth access to board buses without involving any hassle.

He said that the accessibility of PWDs in buildings and other interventions including disability friendly mass transit projects have been envisioned under the development plans i.e. Vision 2025 and annual plans of the Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform/ Planning Commission.

He said that the the Federal and Provincial Headquarters have been declared Disabled Friendly which reflects representation, review and suggestion from all stakeholders and ensures the accessibility standards while designing all new buildings, parks, housing estates, pedestrian walkways and public comfort places.

One space for PWDs with wheelchair and four designated seats have been reserved for other PWDs.

In most of the Government offices (Ministries, Departments) and private offices, the special elevators, lifts, chairs, ramps etc. are available for PWDs, he added.