Govt to probe into fraud of five uplift schemes



Balochistan government has decided to probe into the embezzlement of five development schemes in different cities of the province on the recommendations of Chief Minister inspection team. The Inspection team has conducted surveillance of around 68 development schemes in 10 districts for ensuring the quality of projects in the province, an official of the Balochistan government told APP.
The projects included the non-provision of Solar Street light in District Musakhel, the low quality material usage in construction of Bus and Truck stand in district Kharan and Children Park in Dalbandin, he added. The contractor was given payment in advance but they did not execute the projects as per the proposals, he said adding the government had also decided to investigate the bus stand construction project in Washuk District. He said the inquiry would be conducted against the officials of local government involved as per the Balocistan.—APP

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