Govt to decide if Pakistan travels to India for World Cup: Sethi

Najam Sethi set for tense dialogue with ACC over Asia Cup conflict

Pakistan Cricket Board interim man-agement committee chairman Najam Sethi has said that the government will take a final decision on whether the national team travels to India for this year’s World Cup.

Sethi reiterated that the PCB will deal on a reciprocal basis with the Board of Cricket Control in India, which has said that it will not send its team to Paki-stan to feature in the Asia Cup ahead of the World Cup.

Pakistan is also due to host the ICC Champions Trophy in 2025 and clarity on what happens is due to come during meetings of the International Cricket Council and the Asian Cricket Council in the United Arab Emirates on March 20.

“Our stance is that if the BCCI continues to take a stand against Pakistan, we will think about visiting India,” Sethi told reporters at a news conference. “It is an unsolved matter. We have to speak with the ACC and ICC and take a position. I have asked for the government’s stance in this regard.“India says that there are security issues in Pakistan whilst teams from the entire world have no issues with it. If I says that we also have security threats in India due to communal environment there.—Agencies