Govt to be sent packing in few days



Former Federal Minister and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Murad Saeed claimed that the incumbent government would be sent packing in few days.Talking to journalists during a protest against journalist Imran Riaz Khan’s arrest, Murad Saeed said that the regime was changed due to an American conspiracy. “Cases were registered against journalists for raising questions against the conspiracy,” he added.

“The government has targetted the journalists who exposed the American conspiracy and raised questions against the imported government,” the PTI leader added. The former federal minister said that the ‘imported’ government would be sent packing in one or two days. “The incumbent rulers are leading Pakistan to a Sri Lanka-like situation,” he added. He further said that the government has destroyed the country’s economy and increased the petrol prices by 100 percent. —INP

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