Govt stabilizes economy, providing relief to masses: Farrukh


PTI to emerge victorious in next general elections

Our Correspondent

State Minister for Information and Broadcasting Farrukh Habib said on Sunday that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf (PTI) would again emerge victorious in next general elections on the basis of its excellent performance.

Talking to the media here at Circuit House, he said the PTI government had stabilized the national economy and provided relief to the masses.

He said all economic indicators were positive despite the corona spectra which had wasted our precious 18 months.

He said that various economies in the world were threatened with bankruptcy, due to corona related impacts, adding that India’s economic growth nose dived to minus 7.7 percent, even economic growth of United Kingdom (UK) was registered negative while global debt also recorded a huge increase of 13 to 14 percent.

He said the opposition had been demanding lockdown but visionary leader Imran Khan rejected the proposal and introduced a new strategy of smart lockdown to run economy and save precious human lives side by side.

This step yielded positive results and Pakistan’s economy recorded a prompt phenomenal growth, instead of squeezing, he added.

He said, “Our exports were recorded all time high at 25.3 billion dollar, while during 2017-18, our exports were dwindling on 24 billion dollars.

If the exports of services included, our exports have jumped to 31 billion dollars in 2021.

He proudly claimed that foreign remittances also recorded increase during the last 11 months as it stood at 27 billion dollars which are expected to jump to 29 billion dollars as oversees Pakistanis are sending more than 2 billion dollars per month.

If we compare present remittances with the remittances of previous government, it is 10 billion dollars in excess to the PML-N government, he observed.

The increase was due to the trust of expats in the visionary and honest leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan as they were confident that now their money would be spent in Pakistan.

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