Govt should take action against profiteers, hoarders: Sajid



President of Tehreek Jawanan -e- Pakistan (TJP) Sindh, well-known businessman Muhammad Sajid said that whenever a critical time comes to the country and a natural disaster occurs, instead of politicians and rulers, the first thing to do is the Pakistan

Army and its After the private sector and the nation offered their services, the flood affected people are most in need of waterproof tents, medicines and rations but the sad thing is that the profiteers called Muslims have paid the price of the necessities of the flood victims.

The government should take action against profiteers and hoarders. In his statement, Mohammad Sajid said that the victims are still lying helpless under the open sky, there is no relief, announcements of government aid are only seen in newspaper statements and the victims are being helped by the Pakistan Army and welfare organizations.

The business class of Karachi is also at the forefront of relief operations, but the rulers and the opposition are engaged in political battles instead of speeding up the relief operations.

Muhammad Sajid said that the government of Sindh should speed up the relief operations for the flood victims in Sindh and take practical measures for the rehabilitation of the victims. Muhammad Sajid said that the Sindh government should immediately implement the emergency and carry out the rehabilitation of the affected areas and provide relief to the affected people.

He said that Tehreek Jawawan Pakistan, Sindh has continued to deliver relief goods to the victims under the direction of Tehreek Chairman Abdullah Hameed Gul.


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