Govt, protesters agreement victory of Pakistan: CM Stresses it is not time for pointing a scoring rather forging unity


Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar on Sunday welcomed the success negotiation between the government and the proscribed Tehreek Labbaik Pakistan (TLP), saying that resolution of issues amicably and with mutual understanding is a good omen.

“Everyone has exhibited farsightedness and wisdom for the sake of Pakistan. Our religion Islam also teaches us to resolve our disputes amicably.”

The chief minister said that the agreement between the government and the TLP and resolution of the protest issue is in fact victory of Pakistan as the enemy wanted to create uncertainly in the country by pitting the State and its people against each other’s.

He expressed his hope that with the grace of Allah Almighty, the situation will now improve as violence and protests lead to deterioration in society.

He urged the Pakistanis to create unity among their rank and file and avoid any action that can lead to undermining national interest.

“Everyone should renew the resolve that all-out efforts will be made for the prosperity and development of Pakistan.”

Meanwhile, on the Special instructions of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, campaign to inoculate corona vaccine to the citizens at their doorstep is underway at a brisk pace across the province.

Chief Minister Usman Buzdar said that one people are being vaccinated against corona on a daily basis, adding that 18,000 teams have been constituted for the purpose.

He appealed to the citizens to get benefit from this campaign and protect themselves and their love ones from Corona by getting vaccinated. He said that the campaign will remain continue till 12th November.

He further stated that coronavirus has suffered the Punjab, therefore, prevention and vaccination is utmost necessary to avoid financial and life losses.

He said that free of cost vaccine is being inoculated across the province. He also directed the districts administrations and health authorities to play an effective role for making this campaign successful.

Meanwhile, the chief minister condemned the negative politics of PDM in such crucial times. He said that it is not a time for political point-scoring but to exhibit unity and solidarity in our ranks.

Usman Buzdar said that opposition parties should perform responsibly in the wake of current circumstances.

Protection of interest of Pakistan is our topmost priority and will remain the same always. He regretted that opposition parties are trying to political point-scoring even in this present scenario.

The rallies and protests cannot take the country ahead on the road to progress and prosperity adding that there is no room politics of Chaos and political parties should give priority to the national interest. The negative approach of opposition parties are against the national interest, he concluded.

Meanwhile, on the special instructions of Punjab Chief Minister Sardar Usman Buzdar, Illegal constructions have been demolished in Murree during a special drive against encroachments. Assistant Commissioner Murree Muhammad Umar Maqbool monitored the operation.

According to details, encroachments have been removed from 25km long road-side-way (right of way) from National Highway, Express Highway Sar-Khaitar Toll Plaza to Mouza Masyari.

10 illegally constructed concrete and temporary structures and exterior walls of 8 houses have also been bulldozed.

Moreover, 6 illegal constructions have been demolished in Sunny Bank Area. Similarly, 3 illegal construction in Bank Road, 1 in Brewery, 4 in Cart Road, 1 Commercial Structure on Bhurban Road and 2 illegal constructions were bulldozed in Duna.

Moreover, buildings were demolished for the Non-payment of Commercialization Fee, qabza mafia and non Payment of 30.6 million in the head of map fee.

Assistant Commissioner Murree Umar Maqbool says that indiscriminate action will be taken against illegal constructions in Murree.


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