Govt, opposition safegaurding personal not pubic interests: Mustafa Kama


Pak Sarzameen Party Chairman Mustafa Kamal has said that government and the joint opposition are safeguarding political interests as opposed to public interests. He was addressing a meeting of District East office- bearers and workers at PIB Colony on Wednesday. Kamal said the people of Karachi will throng PSP’s grand rally at Bagh-e-Jinnah on Nobember 8, and would convey their voice loudly and clearly to the conscienceless rulers who are in deep slumber. “Inflation has broken the back of common man while the false promises of the incumbent government have now turned out to be disaster.” The said the PSP is the only solution because we are highlighting the problems and offering solutions based on the ground realities. Kamal added that everyone who cares about the people should invite their circle of friends to attend the rally and ensure full participation along with their families. The PSP chief said PSP opposes and condemn the power tug of war between the government and the opposition. Kamal was accompanied by party president Anis Kaim Khani and members of the Central Executive Committee and National Council. Kamal further said that PDM does not have moral support in Sindh because for the past 12 years PPP has been in power and the plight of the people is well known to everyone. PPP has been ruling Sindh with the politics of discrimination and prejudice.

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