Govt has no strategy to deal with corona: Abbasi


Staff Reporter


Former prime minister and Pakistan Muslim League-N leader Shahid Khaqan Abbasi hit out at the government and its “smart lockdown”, saying the Centre had no concrete plan to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.
Abbasi said that in times of medical crisis, governments across the world develop a four-point strategy, which comprises awareness, containment, medical response and economic management.
“The prime minister had said he would not impose a lockdown in the country because the poor and daily wagers would suffer as a result of it. He then said that the lockdown had been enforced by the elite. Who are these elite,” Abbasi asked, addressing the House on Wednesday.
“The day the prime minister said he would not enforce a lockdown, there was a curfew in front of his own house,” he said and continued, “Then a new word ‘smart lockdown was introduced. Where is the federal government’s decision about the lockdown? It was the provinces’ decision to enforce lockdowns.” The PML-N leader added that the public needs to know if there is a lockdown in the country or not. “The public needs to know the government’s strategy.