Govt has doomed country’s economy, says Fazl


Our Correspondent


Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-F Fazl (JUI-F) chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman on Wednesday said, the incumbent government and the prime minister have no vision for the country.
“We reject this rigged government. Our fight is for the independence of the parliament, implementation of the law, and restoration of democracy in Pakistan. All the political parties of the country and the entire nation are on one platform” said Fazl while addressing a PDM gathering in Loralai, Balochistan.
“Remember, Imran Khan has to go. It is a fake government and a fake prime minister. He has no vision, sometimes he talks about establishing the State of Medina, sometimes a Chinese system, then an Iranian system, or an American system,” he maintained.
“We want supremacy of the Constitution in the country,” he vowed, adding “Either the public or a few strong institutions can be owners of Pakistan. Now, we will not accept the supremacy of institutions in the country, now there will be a rule of the public.”
Taking a jibe at the ruling government, the JUI-F leader said, “The public is exasperated with the government. They are levelling allegations against others and calling them thieves.”
“This government has doomed the economy. The poor are unable to afford edible items. They have lost their power of purchasing. Mothers are selling their children in the market. Parents are unable to feed their children and are throwing them into canals,” the JUI-F chief claimed.
Fazl announced to stage protest outside the Election Commission of Pakistan on January 19. He said he will soon reach Islamabad to topple the incumbent regime. The present rulers accuse others of committing corruption but are actually corrupt themselves, he said while adding that Pakistan should not be turned into Afghanistan.


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