Govt employees demand extension in date for rectifying passports



Government employees from different departments have demanded further extension in the deadline of rectifying their passports by revealing their professions as per the policy of the present government.
Ministry of Interior through a notification asked the government servants to declare their professions and given the deadlines of July 20, 23 and then September 27, giving two extensions.
However, many of the government servants who were abroad to avail some scholarships, fellowships or training programmes as well as on family visits could not avail that opportunity to correct their passports and thus demanding another extension in the date.
Amna Munnawar, a government employee said, “I was out of country for six months and heard of this government policy of rectifying the professions in the passports when I came back, a week ago. I urgently rushed to the passport office to get my passport corrected by revealing my profession but the officials denied the facility by saying that the deadline is ended now and you have to wait”.—INP

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