Governor reviews progress in construction of KE’s $650m BQPS-III project


K-Electric’s Bin Qasim Power Station-III (BQPS-III) project to review the progress on the latest addition to Karachi’s power network.

The visit followed a meeting between KE’s Senior Leadership and the Governor Sindh where KE presented an update on the company’s preparedness for Ramazan and the 2021 summer season.


According to the presentation, BQPS-III is a USD 650 million project which will be adding 900 MW of generation capacity to KE’s existing network.

This mega-project is progressing on the back of close collaboration between leading engineering firms who are partnering with KE to achieve a shared vision of empowering Karachi.

Work is progressing swiftly, and the first unit of 450 MW is over 70% complete and is expected to come online in the next 5 to 6 weeks. The high-efficiency plant will be utilizing RLNG as its primary fuel source.

Not only is this expected to reduce the carbon footprint, the inclusion of RLNG will further diversify the company’s fuel mix and bring savings by lowering import costs for the government by eliminating the need for furnace oil.


The KE officials were joined by senior representatives from Siemens, SSGC, and PLL, who apprised the Governor Sindh of the progress on the construction of a spur pipeline which will be supplying 150mmcfd of gas to BQPS-III, which is keeping pace with the plant’s progress and is also over 90% complete.


The underlying Gas Supply Agreement between SSGC and PLL is also in advanced stages and is expected to be finalized as soon as necessary approvals are received from the Government, ensuring an adequate supply of fuel to energize the plant.


Governor Imran Ismail said, “The sincerity of the Government of Pakistan is evident in the support they have extended to KE, and I am pleased to see that Sehr and Iftar times during this Ramazan are exempted from load-shed as a result.

I’m monitoring the situation regularly to ensure that the best possible facilitation is given to the citizens of Karachi. Seeing the scale and progress of work and the commitment with which KE is working, I feel positive for the future of the city.


KE’s management and representatives from Siemens, SSGC, and PLL have assured that they are working to complete the project on time, and I have instructed them to remove any bottlenecks that may affect the performance of the plant.

In this process, I have also assured them of fullest support from my office and from the Government of Pakistan.

While there is progress being made on this front, I also understand that there are some pending issues of payables and receivables which can jeopardize KE’s long-term operational ability.

KE’s financial sustainability is linked directly to Karachi’s economic development, and I have already requested the Prime Minister to take notice of the matter and facilitate an amicable resolution.”


CEO K-Electric, MoonisAlvi said, “We’re grateful to the Governor Sindh Imran Ismail and our partners at Siemens, SSGC, and PLL for visiting BQPS-III today.

The timely execution of this project is critical to meet Karachi’s future demand, and we are all working around the clock to ensure the same.

I also want to commend the Government of Pakistan for their support to KE and Karachi, especially during Ramadan which has enabled us to fully support Karachi’s power requirements.

We look forward to this support in the upcoming summer months as well.”


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