Google releases Pakistan’s search insights


Staff Reporter


For the first time in Pakistan, the online search giant, Google released a comp thought leadership report “Insights for Brands” based on What Pakistan is Searching for online? Online search is one of the most important indicators of consumer intent in society these days.
The insights from the search are useful for all businesses who are looking for ways to engage with their audiences, online.
Pakistanis, along with other purposes, mostly consume their internet for personal entertainment, restaurant guide, product research assistant, and all-around source of truth.
“Pakistanis and their smartphones are inseparable — always on the lookout for the best experiences and deals within their vicinity and at the same time seeking authoritative information during these trying times,” said Faraz Azhar, Industry Head for South Asia, Google Asia Pacific.
“Our research found rising levels of consumer sophistication, interest in more sustainable products and services, and a move towards a healthier lifestyle as some of the biggest drivers of behavior in the last 12 months.
Also, digital video continues to boom with local content on YouTube representing Pakistan’s favorite online destination.”