Promises made with allies will be fulfilled: Sarwar


Punjab Governor Chaudhry Sarwar has said that the reservations of the allies are the beauty of democracy.
He was talking to various delegations on Thursday at Governor House on Thursday. The governor said that no one is talking about overthrowing the coalition government. Imran Khan will complete his constitutional term as prime minister by 2023.
Opposition should stop dreaming of overthrowing the coalition government. Let’s wait for the election. The people have given us a five-year government mandate and the general elections will be held on time.
We are pursuing a policy of moving the country on the path of development and prosperity. It will also save Pakistan from economic problems. Pakistan is in a difficult situation due to corona. All parties should support the government institutions to save the country from the epidemic.
He said that whenever anyone expressed reservations with the coalition government on any issue, the opposition fell prey to some misunderstanding. But every time the opposition has faced disappointment and still the opposition will be disappointed because the government is negotiating with the BNP and Insha Allah the allies will stand by us.
Prime Minister Imran Khan has a clear policy that we have to take all the allies together. He said that wherever there are coalition governments, there is always resentment. The opposition should play its positive and democratic role instead of being a victim of complacency. The people gave us a five-year government mandate. General elections will be held in 2023.
The governor said that this is not the time to engage in politics but to save the country and the nation from the corona epidemic and to work together. Therefore, I once again ask the opposition parties not to engage in politics in the current situation. He said that Pakistan could not afford any kind of confrontational politics at present.
He said that the government under the leadership of Prime Minister Imran Khan was using all its resources to save the country from its problems. Promises made will be fulfilled. He further said that since the government has come to power, some political pundits are continuously giving dates of end of government whenever differences among coalition parties surface.
This attitude is dangerous for the future of democracy in Pakistan. Currently, political stability and political consensus are indispensable to counteract internal and external challenges. No single political party can overcome all national challenges. While commenting on NFC Award, he said, it is the collective responsibility of federation and provinces to collectively fight against fiscal odds. Provinces can also not escape responsibility because it will pose profound danger to the federation of Pakistan.