‘Good to see you’ – Chief Justice clarifies why he greeted Imran Khan in court


ISLAMABAD – Pakistan’s top jurist Umar Ata Bandial, who made headlines with rare greetings for former prime minister Imran Khan, clarified his intention.

Last week, the Chief Justice of Pakistan made greeted Imran Khan during a court appearance in the Al-Qadir Trust corruption case that garnered the huge ire of coalition government members.

When the PTI chairman appeared at the rostrum, Justice Bandial welcomed him saying: “Good to see you.”

During a recent hearing of a civil case, the top judge responded to the widespread criticism. Following the suit, he exchanged pleasantries with lawyer Asghar Sabzwari who appeared in his court after a long time.

CJP said “I am happy to see you. I say this to everyone.” He also mentioned exchanging greetings to everyone, but could not figure out why he was criticized for saying ‘good to see you’ to the former premier.

Justice Bandial said he respected everyone, calling ethics and morals of paramount importance. He mentioned that there is no fun without ethics and morals.

Government slams CJP for greeting Imran Khan

Khan was released by Supreme Court last week after the apex court declared his dramatic arrest unlawful, however, the ruling alliance raised questions at remarks. PM Shehbaz questioned the apex court’s for granting relief to Khan, saying some of the members are having double standards.

Sharif asked why such leniences were not given to his brother, the former PM Nawaz Sharif and other members of the coalition government, who faced several months behind bars in PTI regime.

Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan arrested by paramilitary forces in Islamabad