Good news for Umrah pilgrims as another Pakistani airline set to start operations for Saudi Arabia


ISLAMABAD – Saudi Arabia saw a massive influx of Umrah pilgrims who even faced several plights to arrange flight tickets after post covid era. Pakistan has been ranked second in the number of Umrah pilgrims who visited Saudi Arabia for pilgrimage.

As Kingdom has eased all Covid rules, more and more pilgrims are planning their visit to Islam’s holy sites. In this regard, Pakistan’s third private airline AirSial is set to kick-start flight operations for Saudi Arabia.

In the initial phase, AirSial will operate four weekly flights from Lahore, with services available on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. It was learnt that the private airline would also operate weekly flights to Kingdom from the federal capital Islamabad by the start of next month.

The airline also planned to start operations from other Pakistani cities including Karachi, Peshawar, and Sialkot and Airbus320 will be used for flights to the Kingdom.

AirSial planned to start flight operations to facilitate Umrah pilgrims, and nearly 70 flights will be operated as per the planned schedule.

Saudi Arabia sets limit of one Umrah under new Ramadan guidelines

Saudi Arabia allowed pilgrims from across the globe to perform Umrah in this Holy Month of Ramadan; the kingdom’s said the pilgrims would only be allowed to perform Umrah once.

The new guidelines come as the Arab nation witnesses a huge influx of travelers particularly for Umrah.

In the recent guidelines, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah maintained that pilgrims will not be allowed to perform more than one Umrah. To justify the move, authorities stated that it is to give the opportunity to other pilgrims who visited to perform Umrah during the holy month and can perform rituals with ease and comfort.