Gold price slips to Rs90,200 per 10gm

Observer Report 

Gold prices remained flat in the international market on Monday despite an uptick in the dollar and falling US bond yields.

At 13:45 GMT, gold in the international market was trading at $1,781.90 an ounce after shedding $0.60 in its value as compared to its closing value on Friday last.

Meanwhile, the price of 10 grams of yellow metal in Pakistan decreased to Rs90,200 with a loss of Rs200. The price of yellow metal in the country remained Rs90,400 on Friday.

According to ana-lysts, inflation has been on the rise in recent weeks, and traders are awaiting confirmation from the US data this week on continuous strengthening in the price levels.

A weaker-than-expected US jobs report last week has quelled expectations of an early taper-ing in the Fed’s stimulus.


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