Masoodi rips apart ‘sub judice’ mantra on repeal of Aug 5 decision


In Indian illegally occupied Jammu and Kashmir, National Conference leader and former Justice Hasnain Masoodi has ripped apart the ‘sub judice mantra advanced by BJP leaders on revocation of special status of IIOJK saying that India is free to reverse its unjust and unconstitutional August 5, 2019 decision.

Media reports said that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his cabinet members during a meeting with regional politicians from IIOJK in Delhi on Thursday refused to comment on the revocation of Articles 370 and 35A arguing that the matter was sub judice before the Indian Supreme Court.

Masoodi in a media interview said that the pendency of petitions in Indian Supreme Court, challenging August 5, 2019 decisions does not stand in the way of the government of India to undo injustice and revoke a constitutionally suspect law.

“The perpetrator of an unconstitutional act, notwithstanding challenge to the act, is always free to reverse the decision and restore majesty of law and constitutional supremacy.

It also does not either forbid a person, group of persons or a political party from articulating its viewpoint or taking a stand on the matter,” he said.

The NC MP said that pendency of as many as 144 petitions against Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) did not make political parties feel dissuaded from making CAA an election issue, vocally opposing the CAA in poll campaign and promising ‘no CAA in Assam if voted’.

He said that the BJP leaders take cover under the argument to create an impression, though deceptively, amongst the people of Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh that the leaders are with their aspirations but cannot voice theirs viewpoint.

“People are not so gullible as the leaders believe, and do very well understand the game plan,” he added.

He reiterates the principled stand that the restoration of August 4, 2019 constitutional position alone would lead to durable and lasting peace in Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh.—KMS

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