Global peace, security at stake if Kashmir issue goes unresolved AJK president cautions world against possible nuclear war on Kashmir


Zubair Qureshi

Speakers at one-day conference titled “Emerging Regional Security Situation and Kashmir Saga” organized by Measac Research Centre (a think tank) on Wednesday urged the global community to resolve Kashmir dispute as it could instigate a nuclear conflict jeopardizing global peace and security.
The conference was attended by renowned scholars and intellectual diplomats, lawyers and analysts from all over the country.
Addressing the conference, Federal Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Ali Muhammad Khan said that the government was making all out efforts at the parliamentary level. “Imran Khan’s brave and prudent policy has revived Kashmir at international level,” he added.
The speech, he said at the UN General Assembly was also the result of parliamentary efforts, adding, “We will go to every extent for Kashmir.”
Addressing the conference, President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Sardar Masood Khan said that the entire world is in danger due to exacerbating violence and tensions in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir.
“A nuclear war will destroy the world’s communications system and its temperature level. The temperature will drop by three to five degrees around the world, which will cause grave implications resulting in million of human deaths and suspending the global economy,” he added.
Therefore, the world has to understand that if Kashmir is not resolved, the whole world will not survive its effects, the President said.
Speaking on the occasion, former Air Chief Sohail Aman said Pakistan’s airspace was invincible which the world witnessed on February 27. Pakistan Air Force has the ability to wipe India and Israel out of the scene in less than five minutes, he said.
Addressing the conference, General Haroon Aslam said Pakistan Army was reckoned among the number one armies in the world. “We have dominance over Indian Army despite its large size. The morale and readiness of our army is also superior to India’s Army. We also have modern arsenal than Indian Army,” he added.
Leader of the House in Senate, Senator Shibli Faraz said that the government and opposition were on same page on Kashmir Issue.
Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed said that China has always strongly supported Pakistan’s stand on Kashmir issue and Pakistan and China are on a page to resolve Kashmir issue.
Earlier in hi welcome address Director General Measac Research Centre Mohammad Abdullah Hameed Gul said if the Kashmir dispute was not resolved at present it would be placed at the back burner for ever.
He said the US needed to withdraw from Afghanistan and perhaps it needs Pakistan more tan ever before.
We need to make the world realize the world peace was at stake due to Kashmir dispute, said Abdullah Gul.
On this occasion, Vice Admiral Hatsham gave a detailed briefing and highlighted the Pakistan Navy’s defense capabilities and the current security situation in the Arabian Sea.