Global Forum on Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking held Speakers stress need to promote Islamic finance system worldwide



UMT holds 5th Global Forum on Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking University of Management and Technology’s Institute of Islamic Banking recently held two days 5th International Conference on Islamic Economics, Finance and Banking here at UMT. Renowned National and International scholars, religious economists, intellectuals, researchers and experts with their latest research, trends and fresh ideas participated and presented more than 50 research papers on Islamic economics banking system in the Global Forum.
President UMT Ibrahim Hassan Murad, Rector UMT professor Dr. Muhammad Aslam, Director General UMT Abid HK Sherwani, Director Institute of Islamic Banking UMT, Dr. Talat Hussain, Dr Rukhsana Kaleem, Dr. Hassan Shakil, Dr. Sheila Yussuf (Malaysia), Ahmad Ali Siddiqui (SEVP, Mezan Bank), Mufti Ehsan Waqar (Chairman Shria Board NBP), Dr. Ateeq uzzafar Khan (DG, IIIE IIUI), Fareed Pracha (Jmat e Islami), Mulana Mufti Hafiz ur Rahim (Head Jamia Asharfia), people from industry, Banking sector, government officials and large number of students, staff, faculty members also participated in this conference. Institute of Islamic Banking UMT, Dr. Talat Hussain warmly welcomed and appreciated the joint efforts of all scholars, practitioner, experts who put their time struggle and gave time to make to make this conference successful.
Dr. Talat said that there is need to promote Islamic finance system around the globe for Muslim and non-Muslim countries as well. He also told that we will make PM Imran Khan’s mission successful to make Pakistan Riyasat e Madina.
UMT professor Dr. Muhammad Aslam addressed to the Global forum and said UMT is connecting renowned practitioners, financial institutions, professional experts and religious scholars to the civil society with their latest teachings and research trends to find the solutions faced by Islamic banking system.
Dr. Aslam also said that the joint efforts of youth and religious scholars with research & resources will play vital role to impose riba free Islamic banking system in our society. He told the attendees that UMT is producing best future leaders, scholars and researchers of Islamic Economics and Banking as well.
Director General UMT Abid HK Shirwani appreciated the Institute of Islamic Banking team for organizing successful conference on such an important issue. He also thanked to the to the National and International participants while saying that next year this Global Forum will be organized in more better way.
Abid Sherwani said that the outcome of this conference will be effective and positive. By the efforts of experts and under the leadership of PM Imran Khan dream to make Pakistan Riyasat e Madina will come true, he added. He told that there are many Blessings of Ribah free Islamic economic and banking system. He expressed that there is need to find best solution for Islamic economics, finance and baking to replacing with current banking system on the fundamentals of Islam.
Mulana Mufti Hafiz ur Rahim, Ahmad Ali Siddiqui ,Mufti Ehsan Waqar (Chairman Shria Board NBP), Fareed Pracha (Jmat e Islami), Dr. Sheila Yussuf and all other experts & speakers of Global Forum congradulated UMT management for holding such successful conference and highlighted the growing importance of Islamic Banking System and its impact in contemporary world while presenting more than 50 research papers. The experts and scholars agreed that to Make Pakistan Riyasat e Madina Islamic Banking should be highly promoted.
They also emphasized that with the support of Government we should promote Ribah free Islamic banking system for the removal of injustice, poverty and financial problems from our society because Interest-free economic system is the secret of prosperity. The speakers seemed in agreement that conventional banking system could not be ignored rather it could be converted into the interest-free system.—Agencies

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