GIDC waiver


WITHOUT providing incentives and relief to the farmers, especially the small and poor ones, the dream of uplifting the agriculture sector cannot be cherished. Monday saw Economic Coordination Committee extending a major relief to the farmers by approving Gas Development Infrastructure Cess (GIDC) waiver of Rs.400 per fertilizer bag.
It will not be wrong to say that it has sent a wave of happiness amongst the peasants as they were long demanding the reduction in the prices of fertilizers. The direct subsidy to the farmers will be more cost effective for the government and more beneficial for the farmers. The GIDC waiver will not only substantially bring down the prices of fertilizers but also help check the prices of agri- products besides ensuring their sufficient production. In fact, this is the path through which we can ensure food security and ensure affordability of the products to the consumers. As the waiver will push up the demand for fertilizers, it is important that supply of gas to the fertilizer companies should be ensured at all costs so that the demand could be met domestically without resorting to its import. The fact of the matter is that the government needs to fully support the fertilizer industry as doing so will help strengthen the agriculture sector. Then the process of supporting the farmers must continue and they need to be provided with more incentives in the shape of cut in other agriculture inputs such as quality seeds and provision of soft loans to them for purchase of tractors and other equipment needed for progressive farming methods. We have to modernize our agriculture sector by also educating and providing necessary training to the farmers about the latest techniques of farming. It is only by making the farmers more profitable, informed and competitive, the country can substantially enhance its value added exports and earn its rightful share in the regional and international markets.

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