Ghani rejects PM’s criticism of Sindh govt


Staff Reporter

Sindh Minister for Information, Archives and Labour Saeed Ghani has said that the Sindh government was performing far better than any of other provinces’ government or the federal government. Saeed Ghani said that the blamed levelled by Prime Minister Imran Khan on the Sindh government that it had failed was baseless. He said that if ever a thorough audit of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government was conducted the misuse of the budget would prove without any doubt.
He said that whenever it came to the audit of the accounts of Sindh government the audit of more than 90 per cent accounts was conducted while on the other hand in case of KPK only 7 to 10 per cent of accounts were being audited. The Minister said this while addressing a press conference on Saturday. On the issue of the opening of Kartarpur corridor the Saeed Ghani said that the federal government should had held concrete and result oriented negotiations on the issue of Kashmir with Indian government before the opening of Kartarpur corridor. Saeed Ghani said that the same facilitations should had been extended to our Kashmiri brethren what had been provided to the members of Sikh community.
The government should keep in mind the sentiments of Kashimir people in dealing with India on whatever level. He said that on one had the Kashmiris were constantly living in curfew with no basic facility available to them on the other hand were celebrating the opening of Kartarpur corridor. Saeed Ghani said that although it was a good gesture for the Sikh community from the Pakistan but the feelings of the Kashmiri people must be taken care of before dealing with the India at any level. Saeed Ghani said that I took into confidence the provincial legislature about the misconduct of the Director of National Accountability Bureau Sukkur that how he forced the officers of Workers Welfare Board including the Secretary and the Deputy Director to handover them the allotment letters of the flats built by WWB in Sukkur as well as the cheques meant to be distributed as marriage grant to the deserving workers.
The provincial minister said that contrary to their mandate the officers of NAB Sukkur wanted these allotment letters as well as marriage grant cheques to be distributed by Chairman NAB who had to attend a reception on Oct 31 in Sukkur. He said that when the Deputy Director refused to comply with the orders of Director NAB Sukkur on my instructions, he warned him that if he didn’t obey his orders, he as well as the Secretary Workers Welfare Board would be sent to prison and criminal cases would be registered against them.
Later on, at about midnight the Minister for Information told that he received a call from Director NAB Sukkur who asked me whether I had forbidden the officers of Workers Welfare Board to not to handover the allotment letters and marriage grant cheques to the NAB Sukkur bureau.

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