Ghani Group to produce bromobutyl, chromobutyl rubber stoppers indigenously


Ghani Group to produce bromobutyl, chromobutyl rubber stoppers indigenously saving $10 million foreign exchange

Pakistani multinational conglomerate company, Ghani Group, has announced to manufacture Bromobutyl and Chromobutyl rubber stoppers used in pharmaceuticals for the first time in the country with an investment of one billion rupees.

Its preparation at the local level will save Pakistan $10 million in foreign exchange every year. Moreover, over 300 professionals and others will also get jobs.

This historic information was revealed by Junaid Ghani, Director of the Ghani Group, along with Kamran Abbasi, Managing Director of Prime Event and Liaquat Javed, Chairman of Morgan Chemicals, on the third and last day of the 12th Pak Pharma and Healthcare Expo held at Expo Center Karachi at a press conference.

The landmark exhibition was organized by Prime Event Management in association with Pakistan Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Association (PPMA).

Junaid Ghani elaborated that these rubber stoppers will now be made in Pakistan through German technology.

“For this, the Ghani Group, a manufacturer of famous Ghani Glass, has set up a manufacturing plant in Faisalabad Industrial Area starting production in April 2022.”

The leading businessman said that in the first phase, the Group will produce 500 million stoppers every year, which will meet 100 percent requirement of the country.

Junaid Ghani explained that they would manufacture the rubber stoppers with aluminum seals of 13, 20 and 32mm sizes.

He added that in 2023, work will be done on the expansion of the plant and the production capacity will be further increased.

He said that the entire pharma industry imports this rubber stopper and more than 10 million dollars of foreign exchange is spent every year. He emphatically said that after Ghani Glass plant starts production, the pharma industry will not have to import the said products.

He said the Ghani Group has invested around one billion rupees on the plant and will also provide employment to more than 300 professionals and others.It is pertinent to mention that the Ghani Group has been playing an important role in Pakistan’s economic development since 1969.

On the occasion, the organizer Kamran Abbasi informed that more than 70 domestic and foreign companies participated in the exhibition.

He said that the purpose of the exhibition was to promote the pharma industry and we received a very good response from the industry in this regard.

It is to note that the one of the attractions of the exhibition was the robot doctor developed by NED University displayed at the GMP International’s stall.

Earlier on the second day of the exhibition, Director Health Karachi Dr. Akram Sultan also visited and appreciated the efforts of the organizers.


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