Ghani disapproves Sindh’s division in any way


Staff Reporter

Sindh Minister for Information & Archives and Labor Saeed Ghani severely censured the federal government for ignoring the recommendations of Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority regarding lowering the prices of petroleum products. The Minister said that the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority had recommended up to 2.6pc cut in the prices of petroleum products but the incompetent government of Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf did not pay heed to it. In the past, ministers of PTI including Prime Minister Imran Khan and former finance minister Asad Umar had been talking about a reduction in petroleum levy, but now when they came to the power, they were not paying attention to it, the provincial minister said.
Saeed Ghani said that the petroleum levy which should be at around Rs.8 to Rs.9 was being charged at Rs.15. The provincial minister for Information said this while addressing a press conference on Wednesday. Saeed Ghani while criticizing the government said that the Federal Government should had passed on the benefit of lower international oil prices to the consumers.
The provincial minister said that the incompetent government of PTI had given nothing to country except inflation and unemployment. He said that the PTI had taken the country on the cusp of economic crises. Provincial Minister of Information said that the incapable federal government had already increased the prices of electricity, while it was planning to raise gas prices as well.
He said that due to the failed policies of the PTI government, poor people of this country were suffering. Saeed Ghani said that the MQM had submitted a bill in the National Assembly to remove clause 4 of article 239. The Minister said that after its failure in the provincial assembly the MQM was trying to achieve its ulterior motives from the National Assembly.
He said that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government did not oppose this move by the MQM.Saeed Ghani said the amendment was sent to the Sindh government and when it was presented to the cabinet, the cabinet members expressed strong reservations over it. Provincial Minister of Information said that MQM wanted changes in Sindh’s territorial boundaries but this was not possible without the will of the provincial government.
He said that the MQM member had the right to present such an amendment in the National Assembly but why the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Government supported it and the allies also remained silent. Provincial Information Minister asked why the parties who had always opposed the division of Sindh were silent on the move.
He said that administrative units were being set up in Sindh but Sindh government would not allow Sindh to be divided in any way. He said that Punjab had a majority in the National Assembly while even in Senate Sindh had only 23 members. Minister of Information said that the MQM was still following the beliefs of Altaf Hussain despite apparently parting ways from him. He said that it was an old practice of MQM that they conspired against the province first and then said that Sindh is like our mother.

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