Generator emissions render 14 school children unconscious


A number of children fainted due to a high concentration of generator emissions at a private school in Karachi on Monday.

All the unconscious children were taken to the civil hospital immediately for emergency medical treatment, rescuers told.

Out of the 14 children who fainted in the incident that occurred at a private school in Lyari, at least 10 were declared stable at the hospital and sent back home while the rest have been held under observation.

As per the details, a running generator caused the incident at the school. High carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide concentrations in the air left the school children unconscious and gasping for air.

Health experts continue to warn against burning fuel in closed spaces and recommend a well-ventilated area for the purpose. It was worth noting that though carbon dioxide poisoning is rare, a high concentration of it in a confined space can be toxic and create an environment for asphyxiation.

Symptoms of mild carbon dioxide poisoning include headaches and dizziness at concentrations less than 30,000 ppm and at 80,000 ppm CO2 can be life-threatening.

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