Machar colony incident: Police arrest another main suspect


Protesters block Mauripur road over mob lynching

The Sindh police on Monday arrested another main suspect involved in the mob lynching of two young men in the Machar Colony area of Karachi.

The arrest of the main suspect was confirmed by SSP Kemari Fida Hussain Janwari.

The latest arrest was made with the help of different videos of the incident available to the police.

So far, the police have arrested 59 suspects during targeted operations. Ten out of 59 suspects have been identified by the eyewitnesses, the police said.

Karachi police swung into action against the mob lynching of two persons in Machar Colony who were later identified as the workers of a telecom company.

Police said that eight suspects were identified with the help of available videos of the lynching incident, adding that addresses and other information about eight suspects involved in hurling stones at the victims had been collected. According to police, an eyewitness also identified the arrested men.

The families of the deceased employees received their bodies from Civil Hospital. According to the relatives, the deceased will be laid to rest in their ancestral areas of Naushahro Feroze and Thatta.

The policeman said the employees who were trying to save their lives from the mob in the car were dragged down and tortured to death with construction blocks.

A massive traffic jam occurred on Mauripur Road after several nationalists’ parties of Sindh held a protest against the recent lynching of two workers of a telecommunications company in Karachi’s Machhar Colony.

The protesters gathered on Mauripur Road and blocked the flow of traffic. However, a heavy contingent of law enforcers arrived on the scene and dispersed them after assuring them of their complete cooperation.

Police told the protesters that they have arrested 40 suspects, including Sharif, alias Sharfu, the prime suspect of the double murder, while more arrests are likely to be made.

After the reassurance given by the police, the protesters dispersed peacefully. A lynch mob had killed the two men in the jurisdiction of the Docks police station on Friday after mistaking them for kidnappers. Both victims were Sindhis.

The two telecom firm employees were in Machhar Colony to check the signal strength and consistency of the cellular network in the area. The mob pelted them with stones and construction blocks after rumours of kidnappers arriving in the area to abduct children.

Both of the men had died on the spot. The mob also beat up policemen and injured one of them when they attempted to save the victims. The cops only managed to dissuade the mob from setting them on fire, but the victims’ vehicle was torched.

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