General population response to transgender community | By Dr Asif Maqsood Butt


General population response to transgender community


THE Covid-19 pandemic affected each and every category of humans. The Covid-19 pushed and compelled large economies as well as small developing countries to go for lockdowns and self-isolation.

A community which was already facing multiple problems in their daily life and was mostly dependent upon the celebrations, festivals and financial assistance was the worst hit.

During Covid-19, conditions for them were 180 degree opposite. A transgender interviewee drew my attention, made me tearful.

I wish every Pakistani to read this and feel the distress, misery and agony which they had been dealing with overtime.

We are ever ready to insult them ignoring the fact that how much mental stress we are causing to the innocent community.

So the feelings narrated as “World has gone into isolation now, so now they are worried: but we are in the isolation from the start, this is not a new thing for us because it was told on TV to get isolated, so we are already living in isolation, we are not living in homes, we are not living with siblings or relatives, you would never accept me in society, as a friend and would not ask me how am I doing because your friends would make fun of you, so we were already living in isolation this is not new for us, after corona the whole world is living in isolation.

Now everyone should feel how we felt for many years. This is an easy way to fight as you are only living in isolation.

While living alone, if you have thoughts that you have no parents, home or any place in society, food to eat; job and education.

If you live with all these thoughts then tell me how it feels to you. Then, how easy it is to say that you are fighting a war.

Just like you all went into isolation because of coronavirus, I pray that along with it there should come another crisis, so you all would have to think about that as well, then you would realize how we are fighting this war.

The problems of transgender community are far more than coronavirus; we face poverty, sexual abuse and harassment.

We don’t have parent ownership and place in society. We face discrimination and violence everywhere” So there are few humble suggestions to my seniors to please expedite the procedure where they are related to inheritance rights of hermaphrodites under Islamic law.

All who are born in Pakistan are Pakistanis and they all bear equal rights and responsibilities from the Government and for the country respectfully.

Ranging from education, pharmaceutical industry, lady-health workers program, showbiz industry, vocational institutes and their role in the field for awareness purpose should be utilized by the government.

The Municipal Corporation, Health food safety & clean environment, Arts & Science, Innovation and Entrepreneurship courses can be initiated to enable them to secure a better future individually and so the prosperous Pakistan.

They have been friendly, cooperative, respectful and humble and lived peacefully. Their Role in the society has always remained constructive.

Their attitude and behaviour towards life norms, culture, tradition and values is extraordinary and exceptional; they can play a major role in the development of Pakistan.

—The writer is contributing columnist, based in Rawalpindi.


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