Gas leakage: Blast in city, 5 including 3 kids injured



Five people Monday including a couple and their three children injured in a blast due to gas leakage in the Fatima Jinnah Colony of Godhra in Karachi.

According to the details, the blast occurred when a match stick was lit after which a massive fire broke out in the house.

The rescue teams along with the police reached the spot as soon as they were informed. The injured were transferred to the Civil Burns Ward immediately.

The residents of the area complained of the gas leakage several times but the team came after the accident when major damage had been caused.

A neighbor woman complainingly said that the blast could have occurred in any of the houses. The pipelines were not fixed even after numerous complains of leakage.

The Sui Gas officials have started working on fixing the pipelines whereas the police has also started investigating the incident.

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