Govt to provide seed to support wheat sowing over 2.4m acres: Manzoor


Sindh Chief Minister’s Adviser on Agriculture, Manzoor Ahmed Wassan, on Monday announced that provincial government will provide wheat seed to flood-affected farmers to support sowing of staple grain wheat over 2.4 million acres of land.

The adviser, in a statement issued here said that measures were under way for starting distribution of quality wheat seed among the farmers from next month.

Sindh government has prioritised building houses received damages due to recent heavy rains and flooding situation, Wassan said and informed that the option of extending cash assistance to the affected families for building their houses at their own was under consideration.

“I am against disqualification of any political leader and public representative, I wish Imran Khan should not have been disqualified and he could compete in the political arena,” he said.

Next couple of months is very challenging in agriculture, economy, politics and all the other sectors in the country, he asserted and advised Imran Khan that he himself, instead of the second tier leadership, lead his party in talks with other stakeholder to find a way out.

Imran Khan will not hold a long march but he might call workers for holding protest in their respective cities, Wassan foretold and said that he would predict when the elections will be held after November 29.

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