Galyat receives hail storms



ABBOTTABAD Nathiagali, Thandiani and the Changla Gali including adjacent hilly areas received severe hail storms as big as w alnuts last night, due to which the window panes were broken at various areas of mountains, a reliable source told on cell, while soon after Zuhr prayer severe rain started at lower parts of the city area converting into muddy streets and the road abruptly, Sunday. How ever, the Silk Route was showing a glimpse of deserted look because of thin traffic after precluding torrential rain, although the public traffic w as blocked because of pandemic coronavirus emergency following the decision as well as the notification issued by the Premier, Imran Khan. In addition, no flood of mild intensity was reported from the area men. River Jhelum, Sindh, Kunhar, and Neelum observed normally flowing in the proposed areas’ eyes w itnesses confirmed.

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