G-14 Residents protest against water shortage, mismanagement of FGEHA


A meeting of residents of G-14/4 was held in Islamabad, which was attended by large number of residents. One-point agenda of the meeting was “ongoing severe water crisis management” in the G-14/4, Islamabad. Following suggestions and input was concluded:

All the residents protested that water supply through pipelines as well through tankers has badly flopped due to mismanagement from Federal Government Employees Housing Authority (FGEHA) as well as water supply contractors, despite numerous meetings of RWS with concerned officials from FGEHA.

RWS informed that desired amount of water is not being provided to storage tank for onward distribution to residents through supply lines. Residents stressed to focus on water through supply lines being a permanent, long term and respectable solution for resolution of sector water issues. There is dire need to immediately increase number of water tankers for the sector.

Many houses are without supply pipelines. Same-wise numerous houses are having supply lines but poor water pressure. Both categories need water tankers but FGEHA remained fail in timely provision of water tankers to these houses. Ultimately, these residents are purchasing water tankers at the cost PKR 4,000 TO PKR 6,000 which was sole responsibility of FGEHA to manage. Residents demanded from FGEHA for refund of overcharged money.

Residents highly condemned total failure of FGEHA in controlling a contractor, who have played badly with residents in terms of increased rate of his own choice as well as late delivery and rude behavior.

A large number of residents questioned RWS about various issues. RWS apprised in detail about major issues, hindrances and obstacles in the current system for delivery of water. Supply through pipeline and water tanker failed due to lack of proactive approach, non-fulfillment of commitments and mismanagement on the FGEHA end, and ultimately residents are suffering badly.

One of the residents, volunteered his services to RWS for taking up water issue with Chairman CDA, DG FGEHA, and high ups for viable permanent solution of water supply from Khanpur Dam via Shah Allah Ditta. Residents agreed to approach Secretary Housing & Works and DG FGEHA for these issues. Same-wise, in this context number of other residents offered their volunteer services at all forums. Residents demanded copies of contracts and payment record to water contractors from FGEHA. Residents stressed to pursue this case with NAB, FIA and courts for provision of justice to its residents. Residents suggested to have meetings with most senior officials in FGEHA, CDA or other Government Departments and expose ongoing mismanagement. Same-wise, residents agreed on banners preparation for massive protest sooner. Residents agreed to contribute generously for these activities for G-14/4. A 4-members Fund-Raising Committee of Volunteers from Residents was constituted to collect and spend funds for these activities.

All the residents including members from Ex-RWS unanimously supported RWS and expressed their full support in proceeding of these activities.