FTO orders ‘one-time’ clearance to vessels carrying soybean shipments


Federal Tax Ombudsman has ordered the Customs intelligence to give one-time clearance to the vessels carrying soybean shipments at the country’s ports.

The FTO took an important decision regarding the soybean-carrying vessels at different ports by Customs, increasing risks of an acute shortage of soybean used for poultry feed across the country.

The federal ombudsman gave one-time permission for the clearance of the vessels carrying soybean shipments stuck at ports. The Customs intelligence has been directed to immediately release the vessels.

Federal Tax Ombudsman’s Advisor Customs Dr Arslan Subuctageen announced in a press conference that the case was lodged on the complaint of the Pakistan Poultry Association.

The case was resolved under Clause 20 of the Pakistan Biosafety Rules which allows licensed imports.

He further said that the decision of the Federal Tax Ombudsman could not be challenged in court nor any institution could raise an objection to its verdict.

The adviser said that the Customs officials were bound to clear the vessels loaded with soybean containers within a week. It is pertinent to mention here that nine vessels carrying soybean shipments anchored at the ports had been stopped by the Customs authorities.