Fruit of Imran’s success begins to flow faster than anticipated


Salahuddin Haider
IMRAN Khan as prime minister broke all previous records of success in America, fruits of which have begin to flow much more faster than anticipated. The American government spokesperson confirmed that it was a successful visit, had opened doors for better and perhaps solid relationship between the two countries A principal positivity of the three-day tour during which he was bestowed honour after hour could be viewed from more than one angle.
First and foremost, it turned tables on the bitterness bedeviling bilateral tries for years together, since 2015 in fact, ended India’s role in Afghanistan, giving priority to Pakistan, which in itself was a major triumph for cricketer-turned politician, and secondly, US quickly announced a US dollars 125 million package for technical improvements, and development of F-16 combat aircraft, which is still considered the best aerial fighting machine. It soars into sky straight for incredible heights, lending it tremendous maneuverability over others.
As foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi pointed out in his parliamentary speech Monday, the visit had opened new vistas of cooperation, including 20 times boosting of trade from present 6.6. billion dollars. Interpreted in simpler mathematical terms figures may soar to anything over 12 to 15 billion dollars. This will be no joke. In fact tremendous boost to cash-strapped Pakistan economy. Accusations that Nawaz Sharif squandered half a million dollars, and lengthy entourage on his foreign visits, and yet failed to press his viewpoint before American leadership, could easily be dismissed as political extractions to undermine opponents, but the beginning of such massive waste of national wealth was initiated by late Mr Z.A.Bhutto, general Ziaul Haq, Pervez Musharraf, Benazir, Junejo, all hung onto that. Credit goes to Imran for breaking the shackles.
His 22-hour journey through private airlines, and stay at Pakistan Ambassador’s residence cut down the expenses to mere 50,000 dollars—ten times less than before. In America, VVIPs are guests at Blair House, close to White House, but the rest of the entourage bill is paid from Pakistan treasury, which was totally unnecessary because late Ayub Khan too used to travel aboard by PIA, then a majestic airline, but only with few top aides. These are just brief anecdotes of Imran Khan’s success in foreign policy fields, but if pursued relentlessly from both sides, results are bound to be enormous. Afghan Leaders have already agreed to visit Pakistan, awaiting formal invitation from the premier, which should be on way already.
Also worth noting is Imran’s efforts to mediate for resolution of US- Iran tension, and although President Trumps dismissed that with gullible disdain that Iran was a dicey issues, Most critics agree that Imran’s viewpoint had done the trick. Secretary of State Pompeo visit or talks with Iran is now in air. It should be materializing soon. Pakistan has gained tremendously from 3-day tour to America, and more fruitful results should be coming soon.

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