Frequent natural calamities cause declining livestock population

Sawan Khaskheli

Livestock farmers in Badin district have pointed out that the population of animals is declining because of facing disasters one after another.

Badin district once was prosperous in terms of producing variety of food and cash crops, now has been declared disaster prone area, experiencing floods, cyclones and droughts.

Akbar Qambrani, a community activist sharing observations said, besides natural disasters, the people residing close to faulty Left Bank Outfall Drainage (LBOD) always experience man-made adversity during the monsoon seasons.

During the monsoon seasons the LBOD carries water from its long route to the sea, the high tides push the water back, causing breaches to the mega drainage.

The breaches always inundate wide agriculture area, causing destruction and displacement of the communities.

He also pointed out that the sea intrusion has also destroyed fertile lands.