French police use tear gas against pro-Palestinian protesters


The French police deployed tear gas and water cannons against protesters who gathered in support of Palestine in Paris on Saturday, a Sputnik correspondent reported.

Reinforced units were stationed near the location where the rally is being held, and the police blocked off several streets and six subway stations in the vicinity.

Despite officers’ efforts to disperse protesters, the demonstration grew more violent, with more people arriving at the location to take part in the rally.

Aggressive crowd threw bottles and firecrackers at law enforcement officers and set objects, such as trash cans, on fire, while the police sprayed tear gas in response.

The clashes between the demonstrators and law enforcement officers have been ongoing for over an hour now.

The Paris police chief did not authorize the demonstration at the request of French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin, who noted that serious public safety violations had been registered during similar rallies in 2014. The minister said that the local authorities were instructed to be vigilant and tough.

The escalation of the conflict between Israel and Palestine’s Gaza Strip has continued since this past Monday, with the sides having exchanged thousands of rocket strikes since.

The hostilities already resulted in 139 Palestinians dead and over 1,000 injured, while the Israeli side reported eight casualties so far.—AP

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