French National Day party was warm and glittering


Salahuddin Haider

THE national day party hosted by French consul general Didier Talpain at Alliance Francaise Sunday evening was delightful, a moment to remember, and glittering with fascinating illuminations all round, on small trees, plant, around the backyard, with guests chattering and mixing with each other, enjoying world renowned French cheese, a whole of it. The guests included a galaxy of eminent people, including German consul general Eugen Wollfarth,, Japanese consul general Toshikazu Isomura , his lively wife,
Turkish consul general Tolga UCAK, the acting consul general of Russian Federation, Dr Masooma Hasan, Ameena Syed, previously boss in Karachi of Oxford University Press, and now founder president of Adab Festival, Darrien Kary of US consulate, with his beaded with smiling face, and an attire normally used by diplomats.
But Darrien is social media fan, and often posts his pictures in fancy dresses. Talpain began with a story of July 2 this year when Pakistan ambassador in Paristani embassy in Paris. That very day, French government repatriated smuggled archaeological artifacts of Pakistan, which were seized by the French Customs at Paris airport during the year 2006-2007Attending that ceremony of remittance of more than 400 precious artifacts from Balochistan civlisaiton, the Pakistan Charge de Affaires receiving it with a lot of other Pakistani and French officials.
This, he said, was a beautiful image of our bilateral co-operation He recalled that French archeologists and his team was active in Sindh. Which revealed Urbi to the “to the city and to the world” as to important the Indus Valley Civilization has been to the comprehension of the mankind evolution. Disclosing that the famous Louve Museum of Paris has also been opened now in Abu Dhabi. Built by a French architect. He them compared it with happening in Sumer and or in Egypt, with the wonderful development of which Pakistani could be legitimately proud of. He said Pakistani students of Archeology with French experts in Chanu Dharo, under the leadership of a French lady Aurore Didier.
He was sure this could lead to exciting discoveries. He said two noted French delegations from France visited Pakistan last year and this year, one with one leading containing shipping company. Famous car manufacturer Peugeot is being considered for assembly in Port Qasim Industrial Park. French authorities are also interested in investing the future bus network of Karachi, known as BRT, and the visit of French senators was also worthwhile, twice in last months. He said bilateral relations ae that much which it should be but various business organizations like Alumin Association, Pak-French Business Council, Overseas Chamber of Commerce, Pakistani Business Council, are engaged hectically in giving new dimension to economic ties between the two countries.
France mean scenis landscapes and gorgeous villages plus statistics. Franc also means values, traditions. The function began with national anthems of Pakistan and France, and a lovely speech by Talpain in English and French, drawing applause from the large number of guests. It was a warm party, and memorable one.