Freedom of Kashmir: A fait accompli


Malik M Aslam Awan

INDIAN Premier Modi is behaving as if he is the ruler of a Superpower country, which politically, socially and even economically is several thousand miles behind from even the first milestone giving the itinerary length fix. Prominent Indian historian Guha Ramachandre has well defined 10 reasons of India’s failure in being an integral part of the club of world giants. Modi’s manifestation spells as if India is a country with fast flourishing economy but the reality is in otherwise tilt. No country can achieve the destination of stable economy without let the masses free of war-mongering phenomena. Peace is the harbinger of prosperity for a nation and war haunted people cannot think beyond the shadows of war haunted atmosphere and living in such an apprehension cripples the big brains of business community. War mongering designs of Indian ruling elite combined with RSS brutalities alleviate the economic strength to the tune of fifty per cent. Near about half of Indian budget it consumed in warfare necessities. Apart from being a war haunted territory the internal feuds of India has caused a severe blow to its economic flourishing. Lynching the Muslims of India is the cherished motto of RSS. There is a hue and cry that the assassination of Ghandhi was planned and executed by the RSS. In Asam near about 1.5 million of Muslims have been deprived of their citizenship. Now they are aliens in their own homeland. Sikhs along with other minorities are bearing the brunt of Hindus wrath. Ignominious behavior is meted out to all minorities. The ignominy of Muslims is the order of the day and Hindu majority think the Muslim blood is the cheapest in the world.
Coming to the plight of Kashmiris, who are facing the Hindu malignant mind since 1947 and onward, it is not easy to say what would happen in the near or far future. It is hard to have an exact calculation of killings in Kashmir by Indian brutal mind. Almost one million armed personnel is here to curb the voice of Kashmiris. Kishmiris have no militant designs. They want only their birth right, the right of self-determination. By its generic history the impartial historian would find that Kashimir is a Muslim majority habitat and by every count or analytical connotation of self determination Kashmiris have the inherent right to have an independent state. Almost 10 lac arsenal bearing trained personnel is here to snub the Kashmiris from raising their voice for self-determination. The abrogation of the clauses of constitution combined with clandestine designs to meet the Kashmiris the fate of Palestinian Muslims, to predominate the Kashmir with Hindus and make Hindus a majority in India-occupied Kashmir, then there will not be an iota of doubt that Kashmir is a Hindu dominated territory. God forbids if such designs of Modi regime are incarnated then there would be none to raise a voice in the self determination right of Kashmiris. Pakistan came into being in 1947 but viewing its generic history it was into existence since long. Now with the benevolence of Allah Almighty, we have attained the status of nuclear power and in case of any hostile adventure on Pakistan India may not escape the fortune of a shattered nation. India is already facing abundant separatist movements within it’s unclasp.
Seeing in broader perspective Modi seems to be desirous of diverting world attention towards the invasive designs of Pakistan instead of being disclosed his annexing and ulterior motives. PM Pakistan Imran Khan has successfully unveiled Indian aggressive motives and made the world community think in the right direction. Modi’s nasty designs have been successfully thwarted by eloquent and vibrant speech of IK. American Congressmen have aptly realized the right phenomena and asked Modi to give passage to world observers into IoK to have an analytically view of the situation of Kashmir. Modi now wants a self planted incursion to attribute it to Pakistan’s aggressive strategy. Under this blanket he wants to cover his clandestine annexation strategy but Pakistan’s political echelon and defence command is fully aware of Modi’s strategy and it is impossible for him to combat with wisdom of PM Imran Khan and defensive hierarchy. Modi is sure to meet the fate of a jade and come back to weaker defensive excuses. Pakistan defence jaguars will be the ultimate winners of the battle arena, if any way Modi manifested his usurpation designs and all his chagrin will come down to dust within no time. Modi should come out of the illusion that he can serve India better with his chivalrous designs and be a winner of the world and will be remembered as a hero and his nasty deeds be remembered as heroic. If he has an iota of wisdom he must realize that Pakistan is creation of Allah Almighty to ever stay on the map of the world. Amicable relations between both the countries will boost the economies of both the nations and 1/4th population of the world will enjoy prosperity and peace which would in the long run contribute to the world peace and prosperity.
—The writer is a freelance columnist based in Lahore.

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