Free medical camp held to treat villagers suffering from skin disease

Our Correspondent

In line with the directions issued by District Health Officer Sujawal Dr. Shahenaz Khwaja a team of doctors- dermatologists led by Dr. Irfan Shah visited Village UrsTemro to examine and treat the villagers affected by the skin disease.

While talking to media men Dr. Irfan Shah said that unhygienic conditions led to the rapid spread of skin disease, adding that changing the lifestyle and keeping the surroundings neat and clean would help them curb its spread.

Dr. Marvi Sheikh said that they had provided them the medicine of skin disease that if taken timely would rid them of this contagious disease besides the precautionary measures were also equally important she said. “We have also advised them to use warm water for washing dishes and clothes”; she said

Dr. Meena Kumari said that they not only had treated them but also created awareness among them about contagious skin diseases and measures to curtail their spread.

She said; “There are seven kinds of skin diseases that ensue due to different reasons and all are not communicable, however the appropriate way of curbing its spread is that the infected person should not come into contact with others”; she emphasized.

District Health Officer Dr. Shahnaz Khowaja who had reached there to visit the camp told reports that It was her responsibility to facilitate the poor people.

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