Food on wheels programme


PRIME Minister Imran Khan, who is now well known for caring for the underprivileged class, on Wednesday, launched yet another important programme “Koi Bhooka Na Soye” under the umbrella of Ehsaas Poverty Alleviation Initiative.

Under this programme, mobile vans would visit different areas of major cities to feed poor people.

Just like Panagahs, the program will greatly serve the daily wagers and labourers who often have to sleep empty stomach when they do not get any work.

In our great religion, feeding poor/hungry people carries great virtues as can be seen from Quran and Hadith.  Hence, this programme is in line with the Islamic injunctions.

However, we will also ask the government to go a step further and take steps that enable the people to stand on their own feet.

A special technical program should be launched for the beneficiaries of Ehsaas programme so that they could earn their livelihood with respect and dignity.

At the launching ceremony, Prime Minister Imran Khan also announced that cash will be transferred to thirty million people in the month of June so that they keep up with the rising inflation and afford basic commodities such as ghee and flour.

Last year also, the government had provided emergency cash grants to the deserving families in the wake of the breakout of Covid-19.

It was executed in the most transparent manner and we expect that the latest cash grant will also be disbursed in the same apolitical manner.

Economic hardships of poor families have multiplied due to price hike as well as the breakout of Covid-19.  In this backdrop, the cash assistance will help mitigate some of their hardships.

Nonetheless, it is highly important that the government takes strict administrative measures to check the prices of essential commodities.

Whilst rising above mere lip service, a strict crackdown should be launched against the profiteers and hoarders as their acts are badly hurting the popularity of the ruling party amongst the people.

Bringing down the prices will not only provide relief to the common man but also help the PTI sustain its popularity amidst the onslaught of the PDM.

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