Food authority to be established in Islamabad


Capital Development Authority Chairman Captain (Retd) Muhmmad Usman said that a Punjab-style food authority would be established in Islamabad in the next few months.

During an informal meeting with journalists on Wednesday, he said the Islamabad Food Authority bill had been approved. “We will spend all our energy to establish it as soon as possible,” he added.

“There will be an obstacle in the matter of purchasing vehicles, but in the next few months, the Food Authority of Islamabad will start its work,” the chairman said.

Talking about parking issues in the capital, he said “We are working according to the already existing traffic study for the parking problems in Islamabad.”

Usman said that indiscriminate actions would be taken against encroachments to bring Islamabad back to its original shape and to make it a more beautiful city.

The CDA would prepare a comprehensive plan to establish dumping site in the city, he said.


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