Folk singer Allan Faqir remembered



Our Correspondent

Commemorates the 21st death anniversary of legendary folk Singer Ali Bux aka Allan Faqir, who had his own style that took him to the heights of folk music through his remarkable voice and distinct style of singing.

Wearing a crown-like turban on his head whenever Allan appeared on the stage he enthralled the audience with his soul-stirring voice and marvelous dancing skills.

One of the pioneers of folk music in Pakistan Allan Faqeer was born in village Amari of district Jamshoro in 1932-33 in a family of Mangarhars- Mangarhar is a tribe of rural Sindh usually affiliated with music and art.

Since he inherited music his training of singing and playing musical instruments started in his childhood.

Later he started living at the Shrine of Renowned Sufi Poet Hazrat Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai where he used to accompany- Sufi Fakirs who sang poetry of Latif locally called ‘Wahi’ every evening at his shrine.


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