Fog, cold weather serious issue for health especially to children, elder people


Dean Institute of Public Health Professor Dr. Zarfishan Tahir has said that air pollution has increased due to the mixing of fog and smog in severe cold weather. Chest Infections , fever, cases of pneumonia in children and aged persons are on the rise.

The elderly, young children and weak people are more vulnerable to the weather effects.

Dr. Zarfishan further said that special care should be taken for young children and elderly people, use warm clothes, hot drinks. Motorcycle riders must wear helmets and face masks to be protected from cold winds and pollution in the fog. . She further said that in severe cold and fog, jogging in open grounds, parks , exercise, walk should be avoided because exercise makes breathing faster and the pollution in the fog goes to the lungs which can cause respiratory problems.

Professor Dr. Zarfishan Tahir said that heart diseases, high blood pressure and other diseases increased in cold weather because intake of water and drinks decreases in cold weather, which thickens blood and constricts blood vessels, which affects blood circulation resulting in high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke, it is necessary that patients with heart diseases and blood pressure continue to consume warm drinks, lukewarm water, use dry fruits to keep the body warm.

Wear warm clothes, socks, mufflers and don’t go out side unnecessarily in the cold and fog so that the severity of the weather does not cause problems for their health.

Dr. Zarfashan said that there is a need to create awareness among the public about the severity of the weather and prevention of diseases so that people can ensure their health by following preventive measures.