Focus on parliamentary politics


HEADS of component parties of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), at their meeting in Lahore on Friday, unanimously decided to table a no-confidence motion against the Government citing difficulties of the people and interest of the country.

Announcing the decision of the alliance, its chief Maulana Fazlur Rehman, however, avoided giving a date or a deadline for the purpose, explaining that they would first complete their homework.

The consensus on moving a no-confidence motion against the Government is reflective of a change in the overall thinking of the alliance as previously it focused more on politics of agitation and long marches.

Though it is still insisting that the planned Long March of March 23 stays intact, at the same time its leaders hoped they would complete their homework for tabling no-confidence motion before the Long March.

PPP too is going ahead with its long march for February 27 but the party has always expressed its preference for no-confidence and other parliamentary tactics to pressurize the Government.

Therefore, a sort of consensus seems to be emerging on parliamentary recourse to address grievances of the Opposition, which augurs well for the nascent democracy.

All the political parties have always been pleading for adherence to the Constitution and it is logical on their part to do politics while remaining strictly within the parameters of the Constitution.

The grievances of the Opposition against the Government might be justified but there was absolutely no justification to use extra-constitutional means to bring down the Government.

As for no-confidence, it is quite evident that at the moment the opposition lacks the numbers and it is relying entirely on the allies of the Government, none of which has so far dropped a hint at dodging the ruling party.

On the other hand, the Government has time and options to ensure retention of support of the allies by removing some of their concerns and accepting their demands for greater share in governance.

The Government legitimately feels secured at the moment but at the most it would become vulnerable to demands of its coalition partners as has already been highlighted by Senators belonging to BAP who staged a walk out from the Upper House on Friday on the issue of greater representation in the cabinet.


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